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Vietnam Agrotech Company Limited
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VIETNAM AGROTECH CO., LTD has been merged between two State-owned companies VIKYNO CO., LTD (Established in 1967) and VINAPPRO CO., LTD (Established in 1968) under The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam. We are the top-class manufacturer of compact diesel engines (from 5hp-35hp) and agricultural machinery in Vietnam. We are also famous for being the first manufacturer to receive the Top One (1) Labour Medal from the Prime Minister and the President of Vietnam, together with many other value awards from the Government of Vietnam for manufacturing engines under 35 HP and other agricultural machinery.

Today, VIETNAM AGROTECH CO., LTD is not only interested in manufacturing a high power density engine, but is seriously pursuing ways to develop an engine that is both people and environment friendly. This concept is at work in every stage of an engine's development from R&D, design, production, delivery, to after-sales service.

Ever since the founding of the company in 1967 (VIKYNO) and in 1968 (VINAPPRO), VIKYNO and VINAPPRO have been supported by KUBOTA and YANMAR for assembly of diesel engines and agicultural machinery, VIETNAM AGROTECH CO., LTD has continuously contributed to the progress of society through its manufacturing activities and technological developments. In the 1990s, we strongly developed and produced diesel engines to meet all the needs of people who demanded for more powerful engines. Throughout the years, VIKYNO & VINAPPRO have always produced the most technologically advanced engines possible under KUBOTA & YANMAR technical support.

All the products of VIETNAM AGROTECH CO., LTD conform to renowned standards and its range of items are ISO 9001:2008 AND ISO 14001:2004 Certified for its quality and environment management system as duly accredited by DNV Certification B.V., The Netherlands .

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